When Autumn Comes, You Have to Pay a Visit to..


When I see roads lined with vibrant red trees, I would almost always pinpoint to America, “When Harry Met Sally”. (a sappy love story, tossing autumn leaves, completely cliche)

To my surprise, there exists places that exist in Sydney that emanate the similar thing. It makes for the perfect photography opportunity, provided you don’t get drenched in the rain. Mount Wilson is somewhat at the outskirts of Katoomba. How did my friends found about it? I have no clue, but grateful that they did.

Geared up with my new Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket (which is a godsend), I almost mindlessly, but excitedly started snapping , disregarding the wind and rain howling my way. My DSLR which is by no means weatherproof undoubtedly took a beating, but thankfully strong enough to recover.

Despite the long ass drive and pouring rain, these pictures I’m well chuffed with..



IMG_3364 IMG_3361 IMG_3351


Photos were taken on a Canon 650D with EF 17-40mm F4 L

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