Foray into Film Photography


It’s easy for film cameras to catch people’s eye. There’s something about the vintage, hard, solid metal aesthetic, engineered to perfection, that makes you want to hold one in your hand – a sense of masculinity and strength, like caulking a gun.

I was fortunate enough to my hands on an amazing one, care of my grandmother. A Leica M4. I was completely clueless about how they even function. There was no light meter, no nothing, completely manual. I read articles and watched videos in an effort to demystify it.

I had a lot of hesitation going into it, knowing that each shot I took was attributed to the cost of the film, and there’s also the hefty cost of getting film developed. But you get nowhere when you cower and stay still, the only way to learn is to do.

… And so I did, here’s some of my best shots from my first 2 rolls of film developed.

000007 000009 000012 000015-2 000017 000018 000024 000028


That’s my journey so far, and I love it. It makes you rethink things before you take rather than being a trigger happy idiot that depresses the shutter every opportunity they get. It makes you a better photographer zooming in on getting the composition, focus, and exposure that you want. Anyone can take photos on digital cameras, but one of these film cameras can easily be one’s monster.

Ps. None of these photos were edited. I used my Leica M4 with Kodak Color 200. It’s one of the cheapest films you can get in the market, I thought I’d start with that until I get better at it.

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