Khao Pla, Chatswood


If you want to try Khao Pla, you have to be ready to wait. Rest assured, the wait is worth it, that’s why the place is always teeming with people. As I was, rather than checking my phone every minute, I read through the articles that have been written about Khao Pla. One thing all of them brought up was the pork ribs – gotta order them, no brainer. Continue reading

Circa, Parramatta

Ever since I started my brunch adventures in Surry Hills, I hardly look at any other area for a good feed. There’s seriously some great food, great damage to your wallet too.


But since I’ve started working in the area, and I like to change things up and break up my routine. I’m on the hunt for new brunch adventures.Cue Parramatta, an area that I don’t frequent, so it’s only fair enough to say that I’ve barely uncovered it’s treasures. Circa is definitely one of those gems. Continue reading